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PASSION: Lively inclination, love, fervor for this wonderful profession, for women and men who love each other and who come to their most important day, for flowers and for creations


IDEAS: the projects and the creations, the originality and the desire to enter the heart of our spouses and find their best expressive form.

Our team opens the doors to many ideas and solutions suitable to your every need, to realize the wonderful floral arrangement (and not only) of your wedding.


Our passion, dedication and attention to detail will be the fundamental prerogative to give thanks to your most important day, celebrating your love together with the most beautiful guests: the flowers.


In choosing the style, the set design and the floral arrangement for your best day, you will be guided and helped by Maria Colombo.

Thanks to its training in communication, developed and cultivated in Milan, you will have the certainty of a result technically but above all visually satisfying, in every detail.



The bouquet: the essential companion of the bride. Traditionally, the bouquet represents the last homage of the boyfriend before the wedding.


Symbolically this gift officially seals the closing of the engagement period and the beginning of the life of two.



The staff has included in our showroom personalized favors and the possibility to realize participations and invitations tailored for you. A wide selection and a constantly updated catalog proposes top-quality wedding favors for Marriage- Communion- Confirmation- Baptism- Degree


Not just weddings! Over the years our ideas and our passion have found a place of expression for private parties, congresses and demonstration events